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Seattle Snow LLC



Seattle Snow monitors hundreds of properties throughout Puget Sound, 24 hours a day, throughout the winter season. When a winter weather event is imminent we auto-deploy our anti-icing trucks or plows to your site. Our anti-icing application will greatly improve winter surfaces for 2-3 days and nights continuously, providing better traction for vehicles and pedestrians. 
We use the same process and products that Washington State's D.O.T. uses on our interstates and emergency routes.

Freezing rain, black ice, and frozen fogs

One liquid application will reduce ice for multiple days and nights. Your treatment greatly reduces precipitations ability to freeze!

 Anti-icing treatments &  commercial snow plowing.

Large Snowstorms

Your application will create a “teflon" like barrier assisting clearer plowing and shoveling. Snow may eventually build up, but your treatment will keep your surfaces much more passable and easier to walk and drive till plowing or shoveling begins! 

Small snowfalls

One pre-treatment will reduce freezing for multiple days and nights. Your treated surfaces will melt naturally twice as fast as an untreated site!

Puget Sound's Authority on winter traction!

Pro-active anti-icing treatments